Giorgio Miescher, Lorena Rizz, Jeremy Silvester

Posters in Action. Visuality in the Making of an African Nation


Als Schweizer Kaufmann in Ghana. Hans Buser erzählt

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Hartmut Leser

The Changing Culture and Nature of Namibia: Case Studies. The Sixth Namibia Workshop Basel 2005. In Honour of Dr. h.c. Carl Schlettwein (1925–2005)

Namibia is an arid to semi-arid country whose people traditionally know how to use this ecologically limited environment. The political, social and economic changes since the country has become independent made common interest focus on ecological problems and sustainable land use. Aspects of politics, landscape ecology, ethnography, geoscience and oceanography are the bases for the articles and posters published in this book which this represent recent results of researach work. Details

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