Library Holdings


Most of the library’s holdings fall under this category, comprising about 43,000 individual monographs and miscellanies on southern Africa in general and Namibia in particular.



This category contains a collection of links to electronic documents (mainly scholarly works) focusing on Namibia.


Rare Books

Featuring old, valuable and bibliophile books, the Rare Book Collection encompasses around 3,000 works covering the entire African continent. The collection consists mainly of titles published prior to 1918.



The periodical collection consists of ongoing and ceased journals. The breadth of its content is wide, ranging from comprehensively assembled titles on Namibia (a full spectrum of research periodicals and advertising brochures) to scholarly journals on the whole field of African studies.



This collection consists of electronically published journals on and from Namibia.


Journal articles

This category comprises a collection of individually recorded articles from journals in our periodical collection.



Individual issues and complete holdings of newspapers from Namibia and other southern African countries.


Debrunner Collection

The library comprises around 3,100 books and individual issues of journals focussing on West Africa, missionary history and the African diaspora.


Poster Collection

The poster collection currently encompasses about 5,500 posters from and about Africa. Most stem from the last four decades. The collection’s geographic focus lies on Namibia. Other countries in southern Africa are also well represented.


E-Poster Collection

This is a collection of posters that are available at the BAB in digital form, but not in print form. The electronic posters complement the main poster collection and are thematically organised in the same way.


Map Collection

The map collection contains about 1,900 maps. Its geographic emphasis is on Namibia, including topographic, geological and historical maps as well as city and road maps from the 20th century.


Sound Collection

The collection comprises published sound material on audio tape, CD or vinyl. There are about 500 titles with a special focus on Namibia and Southern Africa. The main corpus contains musical recordings, but you can also find audio plays, audio language courses and animal sound recordings.


Movie Collection

This collection is composed of published film material on VHS and DVD covering southern Africa, with an emphasis on Namibia.


Calendar Collection

The Calendar Collection contains 300 calendars from and about Africa. Its geographic emphasis is on Namibia.


Historical Maps and Illustrations

The collection comprises about 3000 digitized illustrations and maps on Southern Africa taken from books of the Rare Book Collection. The oldest illustrations were taken from Filippo Pigafetta und Duarte Lopes’ Vera descriptio regni africani (1598). The main corpus stems from books and periodicals from the 19th century, most of them travel journals of Europeans […]


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