Partnerships and Projects

The Basler Afrika Bibliographien (BAB) maintain transnational partnerships and co-operations in order to facilitate its mission as a centre of documentation and expertise on Namibia and Southern Africa.  We engage in multiple projects in the field of African Studies.


In Namibia we collaborate with the University (UNAM) and the University of Namibia Library, with the National Archives (NAN), the National Library (NLN) and many other Namibian institutions. The long-term cooperations include repatriations of archival collections to the National Archives, joint events and publishing projects.


The BAB are a partner of the Centre for African Studies (CASB) at the University of Basel and regularly offers teaching courses at the Department of History. Together with the CASB we organise the Namibian & Southern African Research Colloquium and the annual Namibia Research Day. We also participate in the African History Colloquium of the Department of History.


The BAB work with the Swiss Society for African Studies (SSAS) and the Swiss organisation MEMORIAV for the preservation of audio-visual heritage, and is a founding member of ELIAS, the European Librarians in African Studies network. We collaborate with the University of Namibia (UNAM), including the University of Namibia Library, and with the National Archives, the National Library and many other Namibian institutions.


Current BAB projects include the establishment of the so-called “Portal for African Research Collections (PARC)” database in collaboration with the University of Basel Library, and an ongoing teaching and publication project which focuses on colonial photographic archives. In recent years, we engaged in exhibitions, teaching and research projects on African comics, South African popular music, Namibian colonial photography and Southern African audio/interview archives, supplemented by publications from the BAB publishing house. Some of the exhibitions were also shown in Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, and Germany. The BAB also manages the “in motion” film event series.


The BAB’s Annual Report provides more details about our partnerships, on individual projects, the publication programme and the publisher’s distribution network.


Mapping Projects and Collaborations

For a visualisation of 50 years of projects and partnerships click on the image below.

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