Our Team



Christian Vandersee is responsible for operational leadership and management. He is assisted by Karin Riebel in carrying out administrative management tasks.



Susanne Hubler (on the right) oversees the operations of the archive. Archive team members include (from left to right) Dag Henrichsen, Heidi Brunner and Lisa Roulet.



Antonio Uribe (on the right) and Reto Ulrich oversee the library holdings. Corinne Lüthy is part of the library team.

Publishing House


Petra Kerckhoff (on the left) oversees the publishing activities. Publishing House members include (f.l.t.r.) Sarah Schwarz and Jasmin Rindlisbacher.

Academic Relationships and Special Projects


The Department Academic relationships and Special Projects is headed and coordinated by Dag Henrichsen.


Micha Seitzinger is responsible for IT infrastructure and support.

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