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The collection comprises published sound material on audio tape, CD or vinyl. There are about 1,000 titles with a special focus on Namibia and Southern Africa. The main corpus contains musical recordings, but you can also find audio plays, audio language courses and animal sound recordings. The musical recordings are divided in different genres, which can be found via a music thesaurus. Among the vinyl collection, there are mainly musical recordings from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s by legends such as Miriam Makeba and as well recordings of protest songs by the various liberation movements in Southern Africa. The recordings on vinyl have been digitised and can be listened to in the library. The audio tapes consist of musical recordings from the 90s, especially from the genre traditional music, Pop and Reggae.

In addition, the CD collection holds a variety of musical genres that developed in the last two decades in Namibia and South Africa, such as Kwaito and Hip Hop with its numerous subgenres.

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