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The poster collection currently encompasses about 8,900 posters from and about Africa. Most stem from the last four decades. The collection’s geographic focus lies on Namibia. Other countries in southern Africa are also well represented. Also available are a series of more recent posters from West Africa as well as some older ones from other parts of the continent. The collection covers a broad spectrum of themes: liberation, solidarity and anti-apartheid movements; exile, post-colonial politics and elections; nation-building; awareness campaigns on education, health, HIV/AIDS; advertising of consumer products, musical performances and sporting events (e.g. football). A large portion of the posters has been catalogued and is accessible in the library catalogue with an accompanying illustration. The originals may only be viewed in exceptional cases.

Also available is the printed catalogue African Posters, published by the BAB in 2004, which contains references and illustrations of 900 posters.

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