Haarhoff, Dorian

by Celine Graber

Dorian Haarhoff, a former Professor of English Literature (UNAM), is a story-teller, poet, wordshop facilitator and mentor. He met Carl Schlettwein in the mid-1990s and the BAB subsequently published two edited volumes by him with poetry from a new generation of Namibian poets, ‘Personal Memories’ (1996) and ‘The Inner Eye’ (1997). He also edited the volume ‘Seven Letters. HIV/AIDS Stories from Namibian Children’ (2007) and the manual ‘Mirror, Lens and Window. A Workbook on Journaling for Namibian Teachers in Training’ (2014), both published by the BAB Publishing House. With the support of the Carl Schlettwein Foundation he conducted many creative writing workshops throughout southern Africa, and one in Basel.

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