Writing Namibia – Coming of Age

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Sarala Krishnamurthy, Nelson Mlambo and Helen Vale (eds.)

Writing Namibia – Coming of Age


A rich collection of captivating and remarkable chapters, Writing Namibia Coming of Age presents research of senior academics as well as emerging scholars from Namibia. The book includes wide ranging topics in literature written in English and other Namibian languages, such as German, Afrikaans and Oshiwambo. Almost thirty years after independence, Namibia literature has come of age with new writers experimenting with different genres and varied aspects of literature. As an aesthetic object and social phenomenon, Namibian literature still fulfils the function of social conscience and as new writers emerge, there is ample demonstration that, pluri-vocal as they are, Namibian literary texts relate in a complex manner to the socio-historical trends shaping the country. The Namibian literary-critical tradition continues to paint some versions of Namibia and what we find in this new and highly welcome volume is a canvas of rich voices and perspectives that demonstrate an intricate diversity in terms of culture, language, and themes.

Sarala Krishnamurthy is a Professor of English and Applied Linguistics in the Faculty of Human Sciences at the Namibia University of Science and Technology. Along with Helen Vale, she co-edited the first volume of Writing Namibia Literature in Transition (2018). She has published numerous books on various literary and linguistic topics and is the Chair of the Literature Committee appointed by the Ministry of Education, Namibia. At present, her research is focused on Genocide and Atrocity literature, and Decoloniality.

Nelson Mlambo is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Namibia, Department of Humanities and Arts. He has co-edited numerous books on different aspects of decolonisation in Africa. In 2020, together with Derek Duncan, he was the Chairperson of the UNAM Press Editorial Board, and has been involved in a research project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK) entitled Transnationalising Modern Languages: Global Challenges. His research interests are in the areas of literary studies, focusing particularly on recent theorisations which are of relevance to Africa’s present challenges.

Helen Vale is co-editor of Volume 1 of Writing Namibia Literature in Transition. She taught literature at the English Department of the University of Namibia from 1991–2007. She holds a master’s degree in Area Studies and received a diploma in Education from the University of Surrey, England. Vale has been a judge for the Namibian theatre awards for six years and was a member of the publications committee of Archives of Anti-Colonial Resistance and Liberation Struggle (AARCLS). She has authored several publications in the literary field and is fascinated by the history/memory links in Namibian literature in English.

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