Seven Letters. HIV/AIDS Stories from Namibian Children

  • Language: English
  • 95 pages
  • Illustrations
  • ISBN:
  • Print: 978-3-905758-01-6
Dorian Haarhoff

Seven Letters. HIV/AIDS Stories from Namibian Children

Seven Letters, HIV/AIDS Stories from Namibian Children arises from writing workshops held at the Windhoek College of Education during 2006. The programme involved teaching writing skills to more than a hundred teachers in training. The student teachers, during the course of their practice teaching, encouraged children to write their stories.

This volume features some of these stories. In one story parents name their seven children after the seven deadly letters – HIV/AIDS. Other stories show the human range of responses to the ‘killer insect’ – loss, death, suicide, yet also courage, resilience and hope.

Dorian Haarhoff is a writer and a former teacher-trainer and Professor of English at the University of Namibia. Passionate about developing innate creativity and imagination Haarhoff runs highly successful creative writing workshops (through his business, Creative Workshops), lectures regularly in Mauritius, and has twice been invited as poet and as a guest story-teller to the Conference of Word Affairs in Boulder, Colorado. Haarhoff uses story-telling, writing, images and symbolic work as a means of discovering hidden potential and assessing new ways of being and seeing. He believes in the ability of people to revitalise their workplace, build their communities, participate in their healing and find their joy.


Children’s Stories

Postscript- Reflections from the Student Teachers

Creative Writing Workshops

Teaching Writing

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