Personal Memories. Namibian Texts in Process

  • Language: English
  • 100 pages
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  • Print: 978-3-905141-80-1
Dorian Haarhoff

Personal Memories. Namibian Texts in Process

Personal Memories: Namibian Texts in Process contains twenty four individual stories of remembered childhood written by students. They have been published as part of a process of creating a writing culture in Namibia. The text originated in a series of Creative Writing workshops conducted in Windhoek during 1994-5. These workshops involved school pupils, University of Namibia students and Windhoek College of Education teachers in training.

Dorian Haarhoff is a published writer of poetry, drama and children’s stories and an Associate Professor at the University of Namibia (English Literature). He has conducted many Creative Writing workshops in southern Africa and has a deep interest in story.

1 Introduction

2 Pre-Colonial Caprivi: Conquest, Betrayel and Rivalry

3 Colonial Administrative Identity I: From 1890 to World War II

4 Colonial Administrative Identity II: From Bantu Reserve to Bantustan, 1939-1982

5 The Frontier Identity of the Eastern Caprivi Zipfel

6 Rival Histories and Contested Caprivi Identities

7 African Responses to the Caprivi Identities

8 Regional Nationalism and Repression

9 Secession: The Identity of People as ‘Caprivians’ and not Namibians

10 Conclusion

“This book enhances our understanding of the Caprivi to an extent that no previous
work has done. It succeeds in demolishing persistent myths about the supposed
lack of tradition and identity of the various ethnic groups in the area […] This is
a book no one will be able to ignore in any future historiography, not only of the
Caprivi and Namibia, but also in the wider context of south-central African history.”
Prof Dr Lazarus Hangula, University of Namibia

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