Mirror, Lens and Window. A Workbook on Journaling for Namibian Teachers in Training

  • Language: English
  • 132 pages
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  • Print: 978-3-905758-35-1
  • PDF: 978-3-905758-67-2
Dorian Haarhoff

Mirror, Lens and Window. A Workbook on Journaling for Namibian Teachers in Training

This workbook on keeping a journal aims to help Namibian teachers in training develop conversations with themselves and with others, around teaching and its challenges. The journal entry exercises aim to stimulate observation, introduce symbolic thought, and work on identity. The book encourages students to cultivate their creativity, become more conscious and develop their writing and storytelling skills. These skills can be used across the curriculum.

“I understand now my grandmother is still with me. I will keep a journal because sometimes we forget where we come from until one day someone takes us back there.” (2008 Student)

Dorian Haarhoff, poet, story-teller, and mentor, taught at the Windhoek College of Education from 1979–1984. Then, as an academic at the Academy and University of Namibia (1984–1997) he trained education students. He holds a deep interest in how we teach, and how we retain and apply learning and put it to use. He has collaborated with Basler Afrika Bibliographien on several publications featuring student writing. His workshops are based on his texts, The Writer`s Voice and The Halo and the Noose (co-authored).


1. Keeping a Teacher’s Journal

2. Listening with the Ear in your Chest

3. Observing the World

4. Nature as Teacher

5. Living the Questions Now

6. Left Brain, Right Brain, and Journaling

7. Creative Prompts

8. Narrative Therapy – Reframing Negative Experiences

9. Once there was … How to Structure a Story

10. Endings, Impact, and Riddles

11. The Reading Teacher

12. The Empty Chair

13. Letters to Young People and to Colleagues

14. How to Facilitate a Journal Workshop

Appendix: Student Stories

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