Kaxumba kaNdola: Man and Myth. The Biography of a Barefoot Soldier

  • Language: English
  • 2005
  • 179 pages
  • Illustrations, maps, index
  • Vol. 2
  • ISBN 987-3-905141-86-3
  • ISSN 1660-9638
Ellen Ndeshi Namhila

Kaxumba kaNdola: Man and Myth. The Biography of a Barefoot Soldier

Kaxumba kaNdola, alias Eliaser Tuhadeleni, is well remembered in Namibia for his personal courage, which made him larger than life itself. A political activist and founding member of SWAPO, he spoke up for the rights of his people.

In this book, Ellen Namhila takes us to northern Namibia during the apartheid era and follows Eliaser Tuhadeleni, who, as a leader of the early nationalist movement, was persecuted by the South African Government and eventually sentenced to life imprisonment on Robben Island. Evoking the memories of Kaxumba through extensive interviews with members of his immediate family, neighbours, and people who were nurses and teachers, she forces us to think about the morals of a society under occupation.

Ellen Ndeshi Namhila, writer, librarian and researcher, has previously published The Price of Freedom (1997), in which she chronicles her childhood in northern Namibia under South African occupation, and her life in exile. She is the Director of the Library and Archives Services within the Ministry of Education in Windhoek.

“For those who wish to understand the political dynamics of the liberation struggle from the point of view of people at the grassroots, and the mass mobilisation of the people to support and join the struggle for liberation, I urge you to read this book.“

Andimba Toivo yaToivo

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