Miescher, Giorgio

by Celine Graber

Giorgio Miescher is the Carl Schlettwein Foundation Senior Lecturer and Research Fellow in Namibian and Southern African Studies at the Centre for African Studies (CASB) at the University of Basel. Prior to that he was the BAB poster curator for many years and engaged in various teaching, exhibition and research initiatives with colleagues in Basel and Namibia. From June 2011 to June 2013 he was associated with the University of the Western Cape (South Africa). Amongst others, he co-edited the BAB volume ‘Posters in Action. Visuality in the Making of an African Nation’ (2009) and published in the Basel Southern African Studies series the mongraph ‘Die Rote Linie. Geschichte der Veterinär- und Siedlungsgrenze in Namibia, 1890er–1960er Jahre’ (The Red Line. A history of the veterinary and settlement border in Namibian, 1890s-1960s) (2013).

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