Finding Aids

  • PA.1 - Fritz Gaerdes -

    Teilnachlass Fritz Gaerdes (1882 – 1975) im Personenarchiv der Basler Afrika Bibliographien

  • PA.2; PA.3; PA.5-23 - -

    Personal Papers & Manuscripts in the Archives of the Basler Afrika Bibliographien

  • PA.4 - Ernst Rudolf and Anneliese Scherz -

    Teilnachlass Ernst Rudolf und Anneliese Scherz im Personenarchiv der Basler Afrika Bilbiographien

  • PA.4 Z - Ernst Rudolf and Anneliese Scherz -

    The file „Boyle Trianon Abbé“. Rock art research in Namibia and correspon - dence with the Abbé Breuil and Mary Boyle (1947–1976)

  • PA.24 - Hubertus Graf zu Castell-Rüdenhausen -

    Personal Papers & Manuscripts on Namibia

  • PA.25 - Hans and Trudy Jenny -

    Journalism and Study Travels. The Papers and Manuscripts of the Swiss Couple Hans and Trudi Jenny concerning Southern Africa (1957–1995)

  • PA.26 - Lienemann Collection -

    Documents on South Africa. The Lienemann Collection (1970 - 1992)

  • PA.27 - Friedrich and Hella Hammerbeck-Bruhns -

    Documents relating to the Church Conflict and the Armed Forces in Namibia, the 1970s

  • PA.28 - Gustav von Sack -

    Documents from German South West Africa (1884 - 1898))

  • PA.39 - Ernst und Ruth Dammann -

    Personal Papers and Sound Collection: African Literature and Languages in Namibia and Southern Africa (1953 – 1997)

  • PA.40 - Erwin Federspiel -

    Nachlass Erwin Federspiel (1871-1922)

  • PA.41 - Hulda Rautenberg -

    Collection of Correspondence, Reports, Manuscripts and other Materials from Namibia and Germany

  • PA.42 - Charles Wellesley Welman -

    Collection: The Life of a Colonial Official: Documents from South Africa, the Gold Coast, and Switzerland

  • PA.43 - Ruth Weiss -

    Apartheid and Exile, Politics and Economy in Southern Africa: The Papers and Manuscripts of the Journalist and Writer Ruth Weiss (*1924)

  • TPA.43 - Ruth Weiss (Sound Archives) -

    Interviews and Sound Documents by Journalist Ruth Weiss on Apartheid and Exile, Politics and Economy in southern Africa, 1970s to 1990s.

  • PA.44 - Katesa Schlosser -

    The “Herero” file. On the history and ethnography of the Herero and Mbanderu diaspora

  • PA.66 - William Büttiker-Otto -

    Collection: Written and visual documents of a Natural Scientist in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa, 1949–1956

  • PA.73 - Theo Sundermeier -

    Religious and Social Movements in Central and Southern Namibia: African church movements, the “Windhoek Book of Prophets” and the Otjingerini in the Research Archives of Theo Sundermeier (* 1935)

  • PA.102 - Beverly und Peter Pickford -

    Sammlung Beverly und Peter Pickford

  • AA.1 & AA.2 - -

    AA.1: Namibia; AA.2: Namibia's Independence

  • AA.3 - -

    Guide to the SWAPO Collection in the Basler Afrika Bibliographien

  • AA.4 - Epupa (Press Archive) -

    Epupa, water, energy, ‘indigenous/ tribal peoples’ and chieftaincy. A bibliography of Namibian newspaper articles 1990

  • AA.5 - -

    The Archive of the Solidarity Group Medic'Angola/ Kämpfendes Afrika (Zurich, 1971 - 1988)

  • AA.6-9 - Zeitungsartikel Archiv der Basler Afrika Bibliographien -

    Pressearchiv und Dokumentationsarchiv zu Südafrika mit Presseartikeln, Prospekten, Broschüren, Formularen, Werbung, Flugblättern und sonstiger Grauer Literatur aus und zu Südafrika bis 1994

  • AA.15 - Informationszentrum Dritte Welt (iz3w) -

    Afrika-Dokumentationsarchiv iz3w

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